Chapter9 Xi Yao

 The banquet lasted till 12 o’clock. Although she didn’t talk much with Sheng Huaixuan, given her current status, many people still came to talk to her, even Zhao Tingjie came to drink a glass with her. 

    At the end of the banquet, the three left together. Han Cheng and Shen Dongzhi both drank lightly. Shen Dongzhi opened the window of the car and Han Cheng held her hand, his palms were a little hot. 

    "Were you able to approach Sheng Huaixuan?" 

    "I did, but I couldn't say much." 

    ——As the host of the banquet, the casual greetings between Sheng Huaixuan and Shen Dongzhi have to be carried out hundreds of times a night, even if Shen Dongzhi has an identity, there's no guarantee that Sheng Huaixuan would remember her. 

    "It's okay Huaisen will open a 'tender' next month. We still have a lot of time. Even if we meet at the tender meeting, it will not be too late." 

    Shen Dongzhi said nothing. Han Cheng lowered his head, leaned close to her and raised her chin. His posture made it seem like he wanted to kiss her, but just as he was about to make another step, his cell phone rang, it was still that special ringtone. 

    The name set by Han cheng for this number is a slash symbol, so Shen Dongzhi did not know who it was. She didn't bother to care about it in the past, but today she suddenly had the urge of fighting. 

    She brushed her lips on Han Cheng's neck and smiled unkindly. 

    "Which beauty is it? Does she look better than me?" 

    Han Cheng couldn't help smiling as his phone was still ringing, with a hint of petting in his tone. 

    "She's not as beautiful as you." 

    After Han Cheng answered the phone, Shen Dongzhi was bored and circled his face with her hands. 

    "Okay, I'll be there shortly." 

    Seeing that he has agreed to that person's request on the phone, Shen Dongzhi was disappointed,  Han Cheng then asked Tang Weijun to continue sending Shen Dongzhi home, he got out of the car at the next intersection. 

    The night view of Xinjing outside the car window is very beautiful. Only Shen Dongzhi and Tang Weijun were left in the car. Shen Dongzhi looked through the rearview mirror and found that Tang Weijun's expression was quite bad.


  "Han Cheng, this person is too dangerous." Tang Weijun said concisely, expressing his dissatisfaction in one sentence,  Shen Dongzhi felt helpless. 

    After the two met for the first time, Shen Dongzhi noticed the smell of gunpowder between Tang Weijun and Han Cheng, but Han Cheng was a good boss. He treated Shen Dongzhi very well and gave her an identity, and he never did something to hurt her. 

    One more important thing is that he taught Shen Dongzhi a lot. If Shen Dongzhi was allowed to work hard on her own, she may not be able to learn so much in ten years. 

    For more than two years, Hancheng's only request from Shen Dongzhi was her body, and it was not forced. 

    Han Cheng is a perfect sex partner inside and a generous boss outside. Shen Dongzhi has no reason to hate him unless he does something to hurt her. 

    Of course, there is no reason not to be cautious of him. 

    Shen Dongzhi lowered the window a little bit, and the cool night wind suddenly blew her hair. 

    "Stop ahead, I want to get off." 

    Shen Dongzhi said, Tang Weijun didn't say anything, and stopped in the front parking area. 

    Opening the door, Shen Dongzhi walked to Tang Weijun and knocked on the window. 

    "Brother, you go back first, I will go home by myself tomorrow." 


    During the two years when Shen Dongzhi was hidden by Han cheng, she did not have a large range of activities. She had no identity and documents, and could neither go abroad nor drive too far. 

    In the past two years, apart from studying and exercising in the villa, she had to drive out to go shopping, for a meal, or to play golf, and also to participate in some entertainment clubs with Han cheng. 

    One of her favorite place she likes to go to is a coffee shop located in the middle of the mountain. 

    She called a taxi to Yunhu District, and then went all the way along the road up the mountain, and saw a three-story building made up of glass and wood.

    At this time, it was already close to 1:00 in the morning, there were no guests here. 

    In fact, there are usually not many people. The cheapest cup of black coffee here is priced at 1999. 

    There is no gate here, and you can go directly to the second floor from the wooden stairs. When you enter, you can hear a beautiful and soothing German ballad playing on the second floor. 

    This is a modern architectural layout, with a lot of mahogany used, to bring out a heavy feeling and glass to increase the sense of translucency, coupled with the cool feeling brought by the marble floor tiles, the entire second floor gives a perfect combination of classic and modern. 

    The second floor is very large and the layout is also very open. Shen Dongzhi's frequent location is a long table by the window on the left. 

    "Miss, what do you need?" 

There were few people at night, and only one waitress in uniform was left on duty. 

    "Give me a cup of Robusta, and a glass of cold water." 


    Soon the water of Shen Dongzhi came up. She took a sip while feeling very cool and refreshing. Looking at the beautiful scenery of the lake and mountains through the window, you can still see fog at night, it is particularly hazy to look at. 

    "Hello, can the music be turned off?" 

What Shen Dongzhi needs at this moment is absolute silence, and even soothing music is a distraction. 

    The coffee here is freshly ground, the process is quite studious, the surroundings are very quiet and coupled with her slight drunkenness, Shen Dongzhi soon fell asleep with her head on the glass window. 

    "Dim the light a little bit." 

After an unknown period of time, a clear and deep male voice was suddenly heard from the bar. The waitress hurriedly dimmed the light to the lowest level, and the man brought the coffee ordered by Shen Dongzhi to her. He then sat opposite her and slightly leaned. 

    This man's surname is Xi Yao he is the boss here and he is especially very young.

    Shen Dongzhi has spent more than a year here, she can be considered quite a bit familiar with him. The reason why Xi Yao is interested in her is simple and strange. 

    In this era of easy Internet access, Shen Dongzhi only pays in cash, she does'nt use any bank cards nor mobile phone payment, and has never brought a friend with her here. 

    Xi yao once asked her name, and Shen Dongzhi's answer was only one word, secret. 

    "Boom, boom, boom." 

    Zhou Xiyao leaned over and reached out and knocked on the table in front of Shen Dongzhi, she quickly opened her eyes. 

    "Your coffee is ready." 

    The man in front of her wore a white shirt and light gray trousers and had a pleasantly clear voice. Shen Dongzhi couldn't help but teased him. 

    "Were you still waiting for me this late?" 

    Zhou Xiyao smiled and pushed the small dish with the coffee spoon in front of Shen Dongzhi. 

    "Will you still use cash today?" 

    Shen Dongzhi pondered slightly. She has just officially appeared with this identity today. If she swipes her card here, someone will find it suspicious in the future. 

     Hancheng especially liked Shen Dongzhi because of how careful and cautious she is. 

    "Yes, i'll still use cash." 

    This coffee is Shen Dongzhi's favorite. After two sips, Shen Dongzhi felt very satisfied, Zhou Xiyao has been watching her all this time. 

    Zhou Xiyao is very curious. In the past year or so, Shen Dongzhi has been calm and quite cold every time she has been here, but today she seems to be very happy or rather, very excited. 

    Sitting here till 2 o'clock in the morning, Shen Dongzhi, in a good mood, got up and went to the cashier to check out. As a result, she opened her wallet and found that there was only 500 in cash. 

    Now she has a card and an identity. It was a sudden decision to come here. She didn't carry that much cash with her. 

    "Miss Secret didn't bring cash today?"

    "Hmm... Can I charge for credit here, Boss Xi?"


'Tender': It's an invitation to bid for a project or accept a formal offer.



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